QSHE Bulletin Vol.26

Vol. 26 1. Message from Representative of KLSM Philippines 2. Annual Management Review and KPI for 2014 3. KLSM AWARDS 4. Notable PSC and Vetting Findings 5. Injuries in the fleet & Lessons Learnt 6. Sea Breeze 7. Introduction of Best Practices Reported 8. Near Miss Reports 9. Accidents, Causes & Preventive Measures 10. Environmental Issue 11. Healthy Living 12.QSHE Events & Exercise Inside This Issue EDITOR: MR T. FUKUZAWA (Chief Engineer) “K” LINE SHIP MANAGEMENT Co., Ltd. 15th Flr, Iino Bldg., 1-1, Uchisaiwaicho 2-chome Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-0011, Japan www.klsm.com.sg www.klsm.india.com www.klsm.co.jp/en_index.html Editor’s Comment To edit articles, including my Column, is sometimes easy but most-ly not easy job due to hard to find good material or story. Such scene needs long time to finish the space and sometime running out of materials - it may be author's days before cutoff date. The editing staff, Ms Tsuruta, always concern when starting edit work, however the concern has proved unfounded on this time because there are a lot of awards and best practices - sorry for small pictures and short messages- and articles for Sea Breeze - thanks but space not allowed posting all writings from you. We really appreciate your kind contribution to our Bulletin, it might needs long time to thinks about the materials and stories in deeply, and I believe such deep consideration is able to realize your wish and enable to improve safety life onboard. Thank you and Bon Voyage! Volume 26 31st March 2014 Message from the Chief Representative of KLSM Philippines, Capt Hiroto Nakazono Dear all Staff and Colleagues, I am just starting new mission in the Philippines as the Chief Representa-tive of KLSM Manila from 1st March 2014, replacing Capt. Nakanishi, and am in-charge of crewing and manning job, as a Technical Supervisor to VENTIS. I am excited and re-ally appreciate to be given such a chance on one of the most important missions in the organization. I promise to do my best. “VENTIS Maritime Corporation” has been in the maritime industry since 1989 and had just celebrated its 25 years anniversary last December 2013. It is not an exaggeration to mention this company with a history of 25th years has already been successful. However, I understand VENTIS, as a manning company handles issues to meet their main objective which is to provide the Principals with highly quali-fied and competitive seafarers. Furthermore, I am glad to inform everyone that “KLSM Philippines” will be celebrating its fifth anniversary this September. In relation to this, KLSM Philippines has ex-panded its scope by delegating an additional staff through, Capt. Marlon San Buenaventura as Deputy Representative. We will continue to place highest priority for monitoring, recruiting and retaining best quality crew to ensure safety of life, cargo and care for environment. As well as providing seminars and related courses to further equip their knowledge on safety and security at sea. “Team work” is the most important tool in the work environ-ment especially on board sea duties and ashore. Moreover, it is important to build a harmonious working environment to address concern and suggestions of each other. If this will be met, we can create a good “team” and perform our as-signed duties and responsibilities. So I want to say, “do it!”. I wish all staff onboard and ashore good health and safe voyage. Thank you very much for your continuous cooperation. Hiroto Nakazono, The Chief Representative, KLSM-Philippines 1