QSHE Bulletin Vol.26

KLSM AWARDS 3 Volume 26 31st March 2014 Awarded to NAGARAGAWA Best Practice identified: “LO Bunker Hose Heaving Roller” Best-Best Practice Award (Bulletin vol.25) Vessel Performance Award (1st July to 31st December 2013) Runner-ups: 2 TANGGUH JAYA 3 ZEKREET 4 GRACE RIVER 5 SENTOSA RIVER Runner-ups: 2 VERRAZANO BRIDGE 3 G. WASHINGTON BRIDGE 4 BROOKLYN BRIDGE 5 HAMBURG BRIDGE Awarded to : M.V. JAMES RIVER BRIDGE She was the “best performing vessel” throughout the year! The award prize and a crystal plaque will be sent to two vessels at the top. Awarded to : M.T. NORDIC RIVER Best Article (Bulletin vol.25) Good news of “Zero Observations Awards” have been rushing in one after another since last year. We are very proud of our staff for their diligent effort towards the safety and quality improvement! It’s really a pity that too many awardees to represent their shining faces clearly! YAMA 2) Their beaming faces tell you how happy they feel after such accomplishment they’ve made with IDEMITSU Vetting on 28th December 2013. NAGA 5) To commend their wonderful performance at SHOWA SHELL vet-ting on 21st February, Capt Ibusuki visited the vessel. FTR FUJ 3) One of our most successful years was closed with the FUJ’s “Zero-Obs” from BHP vetting carried out on 31st December! (To respond to the editor’s request, they took a group photo outside despite the chilly wind. Thanks!!) VIKI 4) A good omen for year 2014: FTR already received “Zero Obs” from SHELL vetting on 21st January! 1) The vessel’s another success in PETRONAS vet-ting on 8th Decem-ber! The TSI-in-Charge, Mr Hiramatsu, presented the award certificate to the master and all staff on-board. “Moments that need a moment” contributed by Mr Arun Linus, the Deck Cadet on VIKING RIVER Freshly and vividly described the wonder of the life-at-sea. Zero Observations Award