QSHE Bulletin Vol.26

Notable PSC & Vetting Findings NOTABLE PORT STATE CONTROL INSPECTION FINDINGS 4 Quality, Safety, Health & Environmental Bulletin VETTING INSPECTION FINDINGS CATEGORYDEFICIENCYMARPOL OWS (Oily Water Separator) Second Stage oil drain valve micro switch faultyNAVIGATION Voyage plan does not include the recommedation given by MPA SC 16 of 2010 Emergency generator unable to auto and manually start due to weak starting batteries Ships emergency generator starting battery was damaged during voyage, not allowing for automatic start. Class to attest to replacement and operation of battery charger. Main Engine's exhaust is leaking into engine space. Class to attest to patches and leaks within 30 days. Main Engine shaft seal is leaking nearest to turning gear. Class to attest to leak within 30 days.FFA Emergency fire pump vaccum pump not able to engage automatically and not able to build up delivery pressure.STCW / MLC The records of seafarers daily hour of work or daily hour of rest are not properly maintained. i.e. Drill not included in working Hour of Seafarer (2/O, 3/O, AB-3, CCK not attended drill in Sep-2013-Boat Drill)SOLASSOURCE SHIP TYPE FINDINGS CDI NH3 Approved Loading Computer Software did not include Damage Stability As-sessment. Closed loop system is not fitted on cargo tanks for cargo sampling. Chief Mate has not attended a ship handling course. Cargo sampling points are fitted with single ball valves only. Second Mate in charge of medical locker holds a first aid certificate, does not hold a medical care course certificate. SHELL LPG FPT and No.4 (P&S) WBT were adjacent to Fuel tanks. There was no easily open for visual check of contamination (for FPK tank) unless remove the 8 nuts of small sight hole cover on the large bolted manhole cover. There was no procedure to carry out the test of off - Course alarm regularly. There was no check list which indicated the details of items to be checked as the monthly check of safety equipment. Weekly, monthly check of GMDSS equipment were carried out. However, result of test was not recorded in correct column of GMDSS Log Book but recorded in Annex page of GMDSS Log Book. VLCC Enclosed space entry permit procedures were identified and complied with. Each enclosed space entry was maintained as per the record with Risk as-sessment. But Relevant risk assessment records for Main Engine crank case on 03 Sept 2013 and No.4(S) WBT on 01 Sept 2013 were not provided on board. IGS operation Log Book was not entered when already Cargo discharging started. Bunkering was carried out on 12 Nov 2013. But record of details of bunkering operation was not available in Engine Log Book.. Oil spill container fitted around air vent of fuel oil tank for Emergency Generator was not plugged. (This was rectified after pointed out). IDEMITSU VLCC Bunker ship's / shore check list provided, but not included initial and topping rate. Proposed correc-tive action